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Every person is unique in their own way, and we believe their eye care should be unique as well! At Austin Contact Lens Institute, we rely on years of experience and training, state of the art technology, and compassionate concierge-style care to determine the best contact lens option for our patients.



Millions of people wear contact lenses, but a smaller portion of that population wear specialty contact lenses. Fitting patients with these lenses take extra care and consideration to allow for maximum patient benefit, and Austin Contact Lens Institute (ACLI) was designed to do just that!

At ACLI, we focus entirely on specialty contact lens fitting and management, setting us apart from any other eye clinic in Austin. Although eye care is an expansive field including many different conditions and management needs, by narrowing our focus on specialty contact lenses and fostering strong co-management relationships with our referring providers, we are able to provide the best care in what we know best and allow our partners to focus on their own areas of expertise. To provide the best overall specialty lens care, ACLI focuses on three main objectives:


Dr. Roxana Hemmati, founder of ACLI, has spent years at some of the world’s top institutes managing very complex and unique cases with specialty contact lenses. She has completed two highly competitive and selective fellowships focused on corneal conditions and specialty contact lenses and is certified to fit a variety of lenses. The extent of her clinical experience and training is second to none, and she is bringing that expertise to ACLI. Whatever the challenge may be, Dr. Hemmati aims to find the best solution for her patients.

Ultimately by utilizing years of experience and training in specialty contact lenses, state of the art technology, and compassionate concierge care, we have created an enhanced experience to provide the best specialty contact lens outcomes for our patients.

Please feel free to give us a call at 512-593-2225 for any more questions you may have!

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