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Also called Rigid, Corneal, or RGP lenses

Designed to provide enhanced vision

Rigid corneal gas permeable lenses are small diameter contact lenses made of a durable gas permeable material that sits on the cornea. Due to their rigid design, these lenses are often able to provide patients with clearer and crisper vision compared to traditional soft contact lenses. RGPs are also designed to last longer than soft lenses. With proper lens cleaning, care, and maintenance, most patients can use one pair of lenses for a year or even longer. It is important to note that some patients do take a little longer to adapt to these lenses, but majority are able to achieve a long-term comfortable fit with RGP lenses
RGPs are a great option for anyone looking for enhanced vision compared to soft lenses, but they are especially useful for patients with high astigmatism, a high prescription, patients who need distance and near correction, and patients with certain corneal conditions. We also use these rigid corneal lenses when designing orthokeratology lenses and in certain aphakic lens designs.


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