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Traditional or Custom designed for enhanced visual benefit

When we think of contact lenses, we think of the traditional soft contact lens. These lens designs can be spherical, toric (astigmatism), multifocal (for improved distance and near vision), monovision (one eye used for distance and one eye used for near), and multifocal toric (distance and near correction for patients with astigmatism). While these lenses typically have more standard parameters and changes you can make, finding the proper prescription and fit even with these traditional models can be key to providing patients with the best comfort and vision they can achieve.
In addition, there are also custom soft lenses. Unlike traditional soft lenses which we often have in stock, these lenses are made to order for each individual patient’s eyes based on their specific eye measurements. By having custom parameters and adjustments, we can potentially achieve better vision for some patients than what they may achieve with a traditional soft lens. These custom designed soft lenses are typically used for patients that have a very high or irregular prescription or have a corneal condition that reduces their vision with glasses or traditional soft contacts. We also use soft lens designs for some of our myopia management, aphakic, and custom color prosthetic designs. 
If you are interested in exploring if soft lenses are an option for you, or if you want to see if you can improve on your current soft lenses, we are happy to help assist you at ACLI!


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